This 18 ˝” lidded stein was made in Brazil by Ceramarte. Don Curran designed this impressive stein, that was fashioned after Greek pottery,. Writing on the box tells that the body replicates an amphora, a decorative 2 handled urn used centuries ago to hold water, wine, oil and fruit. Like the amphora of old, this vessel tells its story via black figures against a terra-cotta backdrop. The footrace portrayed in the stein’s primary illustration was known as a stade. In 776 B.C., the stade was the Olympic Games’ only event and the location of the race became known as the stadium. As the Games evolved, they came to include more events. Such as gymnastics, track and field, archery and boxing. These sports are represented by figures in the terra-cotta band near the top of the stein. Ascending the stein’s side is the universally recognized symbol of the Games, the Torch. Golden flames arise from the Torch, which proudly bears the Rings and the name, “USA” on its side. A wreath, once the grand prize for victorious athletes, wraps around the side of the stein and is cast in pewter topped with a golden finish. The Games’ 2004 host city, Athens,Greece, is engraved on the stein’s base and a Greek key design adorns the handle. The pewter lid features golden doves soaring above the Olympic flame atop a stadium with golden columns. “Athens” is embossed on the lid and the pewter thumbrest is engraved with the year 2004. Edition limited to 1500 steins.


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