Klingon Battle Crusier

Episode: A Matter Of Honor

The Klingon battle cruiser formed the backbone of the Klingon Defense Force for decades. The D7-type vessel was in service in the 2260s, a design shared with the Romulan Star Empire during the brief alliance between the two powers. Some 228 meters in overall length, the vessel was equipped with warp drive and phase-disruptor armament. The D7-type vessel was later replaced with the K't'inga-class battle cruiser.

Prior to the Klingon-Federation peace conference on Khitomer, Chancellor Gorkon took the battle cruiser, Kronos One, to rendezvous with Enterprise. Although KIingons had been "Star Trek" house antagonists since the Season One episode "Errand of Mercy," no Klingon spacecraft was actually seen until Season Three. And then, when the mighty D-7 finally made its dramatic debut in the episode "The Enterprise Incident," the ship wasn't even Klingon -- it was Romulan. (This was quickly explained by Mr. Spock's contrived throw-away line, "Intelligence reports that the Romulans are now using Klingon designs.") Fortunately, the Klingons were able to claim the D-7 as their own in subsequent episodes.

Unlike the earlier Romulan Bird-of-Prey, this Klingon spacecraft was totally original and highly detailed, establishing a motif that was decidedly non-Federation in influence. Clearly built for war, the design featured a large, crab-like engineering hull with low slung engine nacelles, and a relatively small, bulbous command section situated on a forward boom. She was lean, mean, and visually aggressive.

Ironically, the D-7 might never have existed at all if not for the AMT model company. It financed the development of the design and the filming miniature in exchange for the rights to manufacture the model kit.


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